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Fresh Parsley is an extraordinary source of vitamins C and B12. It stimulates the red globule formation and encourages the work of kidnys. Besides, it is excellent against acne, eczema, anemia and swelling.

Dried Marjoram is a good tonic. It helps to stop problems of constipation and has a diuretic effect. It fights urinary unrest and the retention of water.

Dried or fresh Thyme has a disinfecting action and fight, among others things, microbes of the mouth and the respiratory ways. Cooled, an infusion of thyme is an excellent rinse - mouth (note to all those who have a lot of tartar or gum problems.) It is also a good gargle against sore throat.

Rosemary has a positive effect on the nervous system, on the blood vessels and on the heart. Its bracing effects help to fight the hypotension, anemia and the flu.

Oregano is a tonic plant, antispasm that has some beneficial effects on the digestive system. The oregano is excellent for the respiratory system, it is an natural expectorating, a cough mixture, and it helps fight infections such as cold. It is antiseptic, therefore very efficient against bacteria, viruses, mushrooms infections and cystitis. As it also prevents at the level the putrefaction of the intestine, it helps to warn bad breath.

Savory is a precious help for the digestion of legumes. It decreases flatulences...

Basil is very useful for eyes problems, rheumatism and arthritis. In infusion it fights headaches efficiently. This plant is as beneficial for nerves, the brain, the digestive system and lungs. It reinforces the immune system and helps to get rid of intestinal interferences.
[Not to take infusion of basil if one is pregnant or during menstruations if they are abundant.]

Sage reinforces lungs, therefore very useful for those that endure cold, flu or sore throats. It fights jumpiness, encourage concentration and improve memory. One can also use it in chronic diarrhea cases.
Sage also contains substances that are like feminine hormones; it is therefore excellent for the feminine reproductive system. It improves problems bound to menstruations and is very efficient against heats caused by menopause.

Besides, Sage contains 38 inhibitory nutriments of cancer, while Parsley only has 22 of them.



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