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This site on health came about following a dream. But before entering in the actual topic, let me tell you, briefly, the reasons that motivate me.

According to four of my dreams, I was born to accomplish four specific things whose actualisation is going to take place over my whole life and will take several shapes, as the writing of books and the creation of Web sites, a thing for which I am often asked in dreams.

- "I was born to be in the living room of others". I will be, mainly through my books.

- "I was born to explain mysteries". As the apocalypse, for example or some of the questions that the scientific community asks.

- "I was born so that others live". Not a physician, this dream was more difficult to understand. For that to happen, I submitted to a stern discipline: I read everything that fell in my hands, everything that spoke of spirituality, to understand, that the revelations that I receive as visions or dreams were going to allow me to understand man's true nature and, at last, to defeat matter.

- "I was born to shake people's beliefs." I was born to tell the truth and, doing this, to wake up the world to the reality that human beings are not only physical beings. We are, first and foremost, spiritual beings! Because some among us donned human's dress, while creating the first bodies capable to provide to the needs of the mission, we, as the humans, didn't watch - with the passing of the millennia - this aspect of us and forgot our true nature which is spiritual.

Here is this dream that drove me to write this site on health, received on 27.02.03:

"Someone told me that I had to write a WEB page on health. It would contain things like: "Do you suffer from arthritis? Eliminate eggs". The same someone told me that the solution of all problems is vegetarianism or the vegetalism. Besides that conversation, another one wanted to offer me a piece of meat to win a journey in the south. I definitely refused."

Interpretation: The south representing the sky; I must sacrifice my human nature (meat) to spiritualise the body. While doing that, I also defeat death, since meat kills, while causing all sorts of illnesses, of which the cancers.

Vegetarianism or vegetalism. The vegetarian can eat fish and seafood. The vegetalist won't eat any livestock products including fish and seafood. He will eat fruits, vegetables and cereals.

In another dream, received during 2002, I shouted to the world telling people: "Don't you yet know yet that milk causes otitis? "

Monique Gaudry dreamed, more than 20 years ago: "I am going to heal of all my pains if I become a vegetarian."

10 years after this dream, she became a vegetarian. And what do you know? She heals! Ten years later, she dreamed that God is making big things in her. And that she was only 64 years old, whereas she was 11 years older then.

Monique's other dream :

"A friend bought a big piece of beef for which he paid 67.00 $. I quivered on the enormity of the cost."

The analysis demonstrates that the price of 67 $cuts down to 13 (6+7=13): Death. The reduction of 13 gives 4: the Earth, the physical.

The price to pay to eat beef is therefore physical death.

Another dream, one of mine, received on October 9, 2004, is just as interesting and confirms all what I say.

Saturday, October 9, 2004, 3h15 of the morning.

The dream was entirely in English.

I was having a conversation with George W. Bush. I told him everything that I knew about cancer and illnesses. I said, among others things, that milk and eggs are the cause of arthritis; that meat causes cancer. Bush was saying: “But studies demonstrate…”
“Lies”, I said. “Lies paid for by the producers. Osteoporosis : milk. Breast cancers: chicken. I was also telling him all the rest of what I knew about what causes sicknesses."
He said: “You know everything, don't you?” Not to seem condescending, for I, a soul, knows everything, I answered: “I’m getting there, I’m getting there”. I told him: “If only you knew how to listen! Indeed, if you could just listen, really listen, you would know! To read the Bible like a parrot, is not listening. Listening is to do what the small voice in dreams suggests. To listen, is also to act according to the suggestions of the dreams.”
He spoke a bit more about cancer in children. I told him: “That is caused by cigarette smoking or second hand smoke? They all smoked these children who died of cancer? Their parents too?” He didn't, couldn’t answer anymore. I told him: “If you knew how to listen, you would know. Knowing, you would act! “ And I added: “Cigarette will only complicate an existing situation, an illness already present. It is NOT the cause of cancers.”

The dream is self-explanatory. The soul, divine, knows.

Here are a few examples of food capable of causing pains and illnesses :
. Eggs cause gout and arthritis;
. Milk for children 2 years old and up causes otites and, when an adult: osteoporosis.
. Chicken can cause plumpness, prostate cancer and breast cancer in both women and men.
. Meat can cause stomach cancer and all sorts of cancers. Beaf causes colon cancer. This was demonstrated in China. The study was made by the American Cancer Society, some time ago. That particular news was heard only once, very early in one morning, never to be heard again.
. All fried food can cause cancer.

My sources :

. experience, observation;
. dreams;
. the illnesses of my brothers and sisters;
. the particular experience of one of my friends;
. Edgar Cayce.
. The premature death of members of the family.

We have the choice. Do we eat to live or do we live to eat?


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