Introduction to controversial findings

by an author from Quebec

In 1995, I published a book, in french. My Intimate Conversations with Consciousness answers twenty-six questions about God, man, creation, dream interpretation, crop circles, Revelation, and other topics like karma, the big bang, life after death and so forth. I say that this book is the introduction to a new seed philosophy - of a series of many (at least 6 others) - that will eventually unite all religions and all people.

I bring new understanding of spirituality, God, angels and humans' role on earth. I say that angels and archangels do incarnate, that there are confirmations in the Bible.

Ny thought is somewhat revolutionary. While others find new answers in ancient hindouism or in Native American folklore and mysticism, I cast a spiritual look at the Bible and find new meaning to stories that have for a long time been interpreted by scholars and priests all over the world.

I say we work in a spiritual world. But, everyone knows we actually live in a material world, no? Of course we do !

This is not entirely true. Reality is not what it seems. We live in a world that evolved from Consciousness [ Cosmic Consciousness was the term used 40 years ago by teenagers and their teachers. ]

Here is what I says on the subject.

Billions of years ago (60), Consciousness awoke. The Universe was created in that impossible moment the scientific community call the Big Bang. Consciousness occupied the Space It had just created. Primordial Consciousness was made up of beings. All of them, immediately conscious of being, individualized themselves. Spirits were thus "created". Every one of them instantly knew who and what s/he was. From that moment on, they became aware that Consiousness is ONE, even in the new state of being. Every Spirit knows he is One with Consciousness. Every Spirit knows he is Consciousness.

Mind boggling is it not? The next step is to know WE WERE AND ARE THESE SPIRITS. We are ONE in Spirit, in Consciousness. We are GOD. I do not try to find God outside of mysekf. I often say, like the proverb: God is nearer to you than your own skin. God is inside you and you are inside HIM/SHE/IT. We are ONE. Individually and collectively. Each and everyone of us is God.

One of my friends often tells him I have a vedantic thought. This friend is looking for truth in the Vedanta. At which I say that Vishnu was a previous incarnation of Jesus. The point I'm was trying to make is that all religions were inspired by the same entities. All religions teach the same basic principles. They look different only because they dealt with different people at different times.

Since we are One with Consciousness, we too, as individuals, have a creative mind. I explain this in my writings and even when I ask questions like: why is it so difficult to the scientific community to believe that others than themselves can find answers to their questions. It takes consciousness to create concepts and machines that permits us to travel through space, on land, in the air and in the oceans.

Another question I ask is why is it so difficult to the scientific community to admit that the spiritual dimension exists? Nature and everything in it was, in the beginning, a spiritual concept before it evolved into a material thing. How many scientists have not felt the presence of a dearly departed one? Why deny this experience as a trick of the mind?

How did Edison, at first, find the concept of the electric bulb? He dreamed about it. Why then do many scientists and scholars like theologians to name just these deny that dreams are an essential part of our reality?

Consciousness still creates from our thoughts since thoughts are the spiritual creative power that started everything.

Here is a brief story about how I came to think the way I do today. I started my studies in the parapsychological field when I was 20 with a book titled The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power, by a doctor Murphy.

I read the book. And put God back into his life. Through that book and thousands more, I rediscovered many of the things I talk about today, concepts he unconsciously knew about.

Through his meditations and reflective periods, I also discovered I am not of this Earth. The term of is important here.

Everybody will say that everybody is born on Earth. But, do we really come from Earth?

I got interested in this and in many other topics. Many people told me I was crazy to think the way I do. That never stopped me. I went on, sometimes quite alone and found answers my inquisitive mind was looking for. I even invented or rather received through hundred of dreams concepts to explain the supposedly unexplainable. From his search and from questions asked to him, a book was born: Intimate Conversations with Consciousness.

It is through 26 questions and answers that I help discover the truth I always felt, even unconsciously. It is through this book that I show what took me almost 30 years to discover.

I wrote earlier that I claim not to be of the Earth. I say I am an extra-terrestrial, I add that chose my parents. They had to be ready to explore their inner truths, at the unconscious level. They had to be ready to teach this child of theirs (me) what they had learned. They had to be ready to give him the same education they were to give their other children. The child to be born had to be ready to receive this education.

All of this was happening at the unconscious level, before the child actually came. This process happens every time someone wants to incarnate.

The tasks were accepted. Both parents and child to come agreed to do this. This usually happens through dreams, the parents-to-be's dreams. Karmas were set, to be lived on Earth.

But life was not an easy task to perform. Since we forget, at birth, what we came to do, we sometimes get discouraged. I knew I had a difficult task, without remembering what it was.

So, I started to look into things. And made a few discoveries that changed my life around. Through my studies and messages sent to me along my dreams, I discovered God's secrets.

One of them is that, contrary to the general belief, we do not have a soul. When I first heard that, in my mind, I was litterally flabbergasted. I really thought I was crazy. Then slowly, a smile putting a strange light on my face, I realized: WE ARE souls. To that was added: how are we born? How does the human body get formed?

Intrigued, I waited for the answer. It always comes...

The scientific community can answer this easily. A spermatozoide gets inside an egg and bingo. The new cell does its work. Nine months later, a new child is born. Every body knows that! But something else happens.

Nothing is ever done without the total consent of all people involved in an action. Primordial Consciousness, with the future parents and the child to be born decide, together, that a new life - physical, mental and spiritual - will be. When the egg accepts the spermatozoide, a part of Consciousness, a Spirit, an angel, a soul all wrapped into one installs itself into the new cell. Then the cell multiplies itself. [This process is a replica of the creative pattern Consciousness used when all things started billions of years ago.] Every time this happens - since we are ONE -, an individualized Consciousness-Spirit-angel-soul enters the premices and actually provoques the multiplication.

Thus, it is not just a body that grows inside the mother's womb, but a soul.

Through my research I realized I had there the science that would give me the tools to understand my past and present, as well as my future. To better understand myself and to help others see what was happening with life and its demands, I followed a few courses on physical and spiritual health, and others, to deal with more personal matters. I also followed many seminars on Dream Interpretation and Mind Control. And read.

When I first started to read on these subjects, I read, the first year, 360 books. One a day. One a day keeps the doctor away! Ha. At the rate of one book a day for 5 or 6 years, I read all that I could. I borrowed books, bought a few, borrowed more. I read all that I could lay my hands on. Afterwards, I read 40 to 50 books a year for about 10 years. During the last 10 years of my aprenticeship, I read about 100 books. Nowadays, I do nor read as much. I writes. Books, articles, and Internet sites filled with my thoughts. That is what my higher mind tells me to do.

Intimate Conversations with Consciousness is the first of my books one must read. It is FREE. You can print it, to read in the comfort of your home. The link is below in the list along with a few of my other sites.

The book is the result of a dream I once had that said that the one who knows must talk.

I write about many of my discoveries. My writings are the result of 12 000 years of evolution.

What else can be said?

Humanity is of Consciousness, of God. We are ONE. We are made, as I put it, of Stardust, to use an expression taken from a book titled, justly, «Semences d'Étoiles» "Stardust" by Ken Carey, Ed. Souffle d'Or, 1985.

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